First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to you and your Fianceeee'. Take a beat, enjoy this moment and tell the story of how he asked to all your friends! Then tell it again to anyone who will listen! Shout it out loud, Monica style from the show FRIENDS. (ANYONE ELSE FREAKING OBSESSED WITH FRIENDS LIKE ME?) This is one of the biggest moments of your life, its okay to be over the moon! Buy yourself something that says "Future Mrs." and be giddy over it! You are a future wife. 

First things, first. - Take that ring selfie!! Post it on all outlets of social media, I know you're itching to do it! Next, talk about what size wedding you both envision and what season you want to get married in! Those are big decisions that will effect your choice on venues and guest lists. Then, set a date. Wahhoooo the date is set. Thats HUGE. Three, visit different venues and tour them! Four, Go wedding dress shopping!! THEN, Last but not least, PICK A PHOTOGRAPHER!

This is a big decision. Find one that you vibe with and connect with! Thats gonna make the wedding day that much more special. After all, we are pretty much at your side the whole day. Find one that will root for you, fix ya veil and make you laugh! Find YOUR photographer. There are so many awesome photographers out there, its gonna be a hard choice! Trust me, I know, some of them are my friends and are KILLING IT! 

But photography is the only tangible thing you walk away from on your wedding day. The flowers die, that delicious cake gets eaten, but the photos hold on to those memories and they last forever!