McCall & Sasser

This wedding was one for the books! I know a New Years Eve wedding is a little non traditional, but if you are thinking about doing it, YOU SHOULD! We had such a blast! These families love for The Lord shined through every single aspect of their day. McCall's heart for Jesus was inspiring. She looked so stunning, and the love between her and Sasser was beautiful. Her Dad Mark gave an incredible speech that night that was a testimony of how faithful God is and how much he loved her and truly knew that Sasser was made for her. We danced and followed the night up with a firework show at midnight. Not only was it her wedding day, but it was also her birthday! They had a cake for her and a piñata! What a truly perfect day.

Here are some tips for a successful New Years Eve Wedding:

1) DONT DRINK THE NIGHT BEFORE! Wedding Days on a normal day are LONGG. Do yourself a favor and save the celebrating for the actual wedding day. Start late in the day, not first thing in the morning and take it slow!!

2) Plan to serve guests a little later. Since the night will last a while longer, its important that you have snacks or something fun to munch on after dinner!

3) Have some activities throughout the night to keep guests engaged and interested!

4) Fireworks are a MUST HAVE!

5) Plan to have your wedding somewhere that can accommodate a shuttle and guests a place to stay, or at least somewhere super close. Its best not to be on the roads late at night and to keep your guests that have indulged a bit at the bar in a safe place

Hope this helps!! If you have any other tips, please feel free to leave a comment!